Gifts for Christmas

Christmas_dogWith a title like that I really feel like this should be a post about something deep and meaningful, but instead all I have to show you is a few paintings I did as gifts this Christmas. The first is for my brother’s coworker – a portrait of her dog that died recently. He’s paying me for it in food, so I’ve done the starving artist stereotype a credit here. The second is for my aunt and uncle of their old house – they lived in it for 40 years and moved just this year to a condo. The third was commissioned by a friend for her brother – he climbed Mr Ranier this year and she wanted a painting of him up on the mountain in all his gear to mark the accomplishment.

For an artist, though, it is a gift to be able to share art with other people – to have it be useful or meaningful to them. Art sometimes feels like a useless profession when there are practical needs to be met, and though I know that’s not true in any respect, it nice to have projects to remind me of it’s worth. So see, there, that was a little depth for you. The title isn’t entirely wasted after all.cedarstreet



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