Orphaned Sketches

rosalie_nov14These poor sketches have nothing to do with one another, were created months apart, and I have almost nothing to say about them – except this: I kept trying to wedge them into other blog posts and never had room for them. They never quite fit any of the topics I chose, and they weren’t enough to make posts of their own, so they sat in my images folder feeling neglected and forgotten for far too long.treethumbnails

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I am righting that wrong, and giving them their own post to cherish for all the rest of their little sketch lives. Enjoy.oil_sunsetrainforest_sketches


2 thoughts on “Orphaned Sketches

  1. I seriously like that cat, and also like all the other sketches (and their little sketch(y) lives). . . you are so funny. I’ll thrown anything up on my blog and call it a post. I imagine most people rarely scroll past the picture, which is why I put it first.

    I love your blog, and enjoy all your art in whatever form you post it. I think of these as little gifts; or quick trips to people’s personal galleries. Sharing is the best of humanity (too bad there’s so little of it going around in the world now), and all this sharing on wordpress is very uplifting to me.

    So………………. thank you for sharing. And Happy Holidays. Patsye

    1. It is fun, isn’t it? Seeing little bits and pieces of people’s worlds. It’s almost more than you get from friends in real life, because people seem more willing to share their thoughts behind the anonymity of the internet than in face to face conversation. I’ve enjoyed seeing your art and your kittens – hope you have a great holiday, too!

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