Coming Attractions


tiger_thumbnails Sometimes (read ‘most of the time’) I find myself with more ideas than I have time to transcribe onto paper – and here with the lovely weather tearing me away from my indoor work and the holiday’s making it hard to get extra hours in anywhere, I find myself with a slew of ideas waiting in the wings. Slowly but surely these guys are working their way onto paper, but since it’ll be awhile before any of them make it into the world as finished pieces, I thought I’d put up the thumbnails to buy  some time. I actually really love thumbnails in their own right – they always have a certain vibrancy and life that never quite makes it unaltered to the final product. I guess it’s like any baby thing – it’s so cute when it’s little, you almost hate to see it grow up.rhinopangolin_thumbnailschristmascard_thumbnails



2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. Thanks for sharing your sketches. Seeing how a drawing takes shape in thumbnails is not only enjoyable but is also useful in showing characteristics the artist is exploring such as composition and tonal values.

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