New Places, New Faces


With the weather being so favorable, I’ve been trying to find new places to paint that aren’t the same old trees I’ve been painting all year. I found a nice little park not far from my neighborhood – the only problem is that the nature-ish side of the park wasn’t deemed worthy of a parking lot, so I had to park at the baseball field and walk suspiciously past the droves of kids and moms before ducking awkwardly into the bushes to trek to the treed areas. No wonder people think artists are eccentric. I also went to our local community garden and sketched some of the gardeners while they were having a meeting – I made the mistake of trying it in watercolor. Great practice, but it’s harder to make a good likeness when you’re worrying about color – which makes it awkward when people inevitably come over to see what I’m painting and can’t tell which person is which. Ah, well.watercolor_gardenportraits


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