oil_pleinair_oct4Another day of painting outdoors in oil – this time I brought a handy travel stool with me, so I wouldn’t have to sit on the ground amongst the bugs and sticker bushes. I still got covered in bugs and stickers, but it took them longer to find me, so I count it a success.

As for the paintings, I choose two compositions which had somewhat distant backgrounds so I could try and practice rendering scenes at different distances. Of course, it’s hard to find a proper distant vista in a flat, tree-filled lot in Texas, so the effects of the atmosphere are only barely visible. I think I was more successful in the second painting because I left the background elements a little blurry and out of focus and tried to keep the values lighter altogether. It’s hard to wrap my mind around what makes a thing appear distant versus close up, at least when it comes to putting paint on canvas. Someday I’d like to paint someplace with hills or mountains where the atmospheric perspective is a little more pronounced.oil_pleinair_oct3


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