She Must be an Angel


…because she fell from heaven.

I thought this illustration looked about right for Halloween – bats may be spooky to us humans, but to a lowly little field mouse, they must be like winged seraphim from above. I think they’re pretty cute, myself, and enjoyed the chance to paint one.



3 thoughts on “She Must be an Angel

    1. Ha ha, well, they’re both mine! The first one is a thumbnail size color study I did before starting on the bigger piece – maddeningly, they usually have more character and movement than the final. It’s the curse of the sketch X)

      1. So this illuminates the fact that you’re so versatile! I would never have guessed you sketched the first one. Also, I couldn’t enlarge it to look at it more closely. In retrospect, and what else can I say, they are equally “great.”

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