True Colors


So I almost refused to post these because they are essentially the fine art equivalent of that really bad photo that someone posts of you on Facebook where you just sit there and think “please tell me that is not what my face looks like”. But, as personally mortifying as these portraits are, the goal of them was to experiment with different color under-paintings and different brush types, and in that regard, I’m pleased with the outcome. I used a blue, green and yellow under-painting respectively and I really love how different the mood turned out in each piece. I also painted these with a large boar’s hair round brush just to see what the effect would be and the texture really gave it a whole different look. It’s hard to tell in the scanned images, but the brush strokes are very thick and the painting has a certain richness from that which I like. I’ll have to break out the bristle brushes more often in the future.



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