Adventures in Oil




In case you’ve gotten the idea that I work exclusively in watercolor, here are a few oil paintings that are finally dry. Truthfully, I have much more interest in painting in oil than in watercolor, but since I can paint, dry, and scan ten watercolor sketches to one oil sketch, I have a lot more to show in that arena. After my tour of the museums in France, I’ve been working on my brushstrokes in particular. Like in watercolor, I’m trying to find that line between artfully loose and painterly and imprecise and messy. Of course, it’s easier in oil, because you can just paint over it if it turns out wrong.

I’m hoping to get outside with my oils once the weather gets nice – and once I’ve figured out how to transport the materials properly and how to keep ants from crawling up my legs. There are a lot of chapters missing from the plein air books I’ve read and insect evasion is one of them. But until then, I’m getting back to basics with some still lifes.



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