Pumpkin Time at Last


I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t even wait until October this year to buy my first pumpkins – these little guys were purchased midway through September and had to hide under the kitchen counter until their month was at hand. I pulled them out and posed them for a painting with some fall flowers from my mom’s garden the very first day of October. I’m sorry to report that the pumpkins were roasted, pureed, and made into soup not many days later, never to see Halloween.

I put a few new disciplines to work in this painting – I tried to keep my color mixes separate and unjumbled on my palette and worked with a lot more paint than I usually do. I used stiffer brushes and forced myself to handle them more loosely. I think the changes improved the quality of the overall painting – it looks much more like a painting ought to look, at least in my mind. Anyway, my first tribute to fall – maybe I’ll get another pumpkin or two before Halloween and do a jack-o-lantern still life to accompany it.


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