watercolor_sunsetSome days I’m just in too much of a rush to do anything worthwhile – today seemed to be that day. The clouds were to die for and the sunset was beautiful, but hurry and watercolor apparently don’t mix. I ran all over the place trying to capture what the sky looked like and what the colors looked like on the trees, but none of the sketches I managed even came close. Looking at them on the computer now they don’t seem as disappointing, but compared to the real deal they fell pretty flat. I guess it’s fortunate for me that sunsets are one of a kind – there’s nothing for you to compare these to. But someday I’d like to be able to capture a sunset just as it is.

watercolor_clouds_smallwatercolor_sunset2watercolor_clouds2  watercolor_trees


2 thoughts on “Impatience

  1. The small blue-sky one (the little one) and the last one are so off-the-charts impressionistic that I think they work wonderfully. I actually love them all, but those were my favorites. I do get what you say about being in a hurry to capture the mood, light, and ever-changing sky. But that’s why I bring my camera and shoot first, then paint, then finish up later if I must. But I’m a neophyte who really doesn’t know what she’s doing.

    I continue to be attracted to your use and control of that flat. I tried a few of these and made a mess of things. I need practice. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

    1. I always mean to bring a camera, but somehow I always end up running out the door without it. But I’m lousy at working from photos anyhow – I always start to obsess over the details and start to lose the feel of the piece. But that’s something to work on, too. Thanks for your comments!

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