Chaos and Control

watercolor_pondtreeThere seems to be a fine line between overworked mess and unintelligibly loose mess in watercolor and I am ever tumbling over it. In any given painting session my first sketch will invariably be too closely painted, and my second will be too loosely painted – on the rare occasions of a third sketch, it will be almost abstract. So I guess watercolor isn’t so much about painting carefully and deliberately as seeing carefully and deliberately. I want my strokes to be carefree, but their placing to be precise. So, think ahead but don’t over-think once you’ve put brush to paper. Maybe? I’m still just a couple weeks into learning this stuff, so it may be early to be having epiphanies.



2 thoughts on “Chaos and Control

    1. Ha ha, well my exclusive use of the flat brush is mostly out of convenience – it’s just the right size for my watercolor sketchbook and I’m haven’t bothered to get any rounds to match it yet ;3

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