More sketches in Europe

Despite the crowds and a tight schedule, I did manage to get a little sketching in at some of the more interesting locals in London – the lines for Saint Chapel and later for the crown jewels at the tower of London were rather long and slow so I made the best of it by sketching the architecture. Buildings have never been my thing, and I think it shows – but all the better to practice. Later we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and after a day on cobblestones in flimsy flats (bad idea), my feet were ready to revolt – so I took a seat on a well placed bench and sketched a lovely dress from… a time period which I really should have written in my sketchbook for reference later, but didn’t. Ah, well.

Image (42)Image (47)

We took the Chunnel to France on the third day, and, after a brief drive through Paris, retreated to the countryside. It was nice to see green things again, and I found the leisurely French eating pace lent itself well to sketching – no wonder they churned out so many artists. It may have also been the wine. Or the absinth.

Image (37)Image (43)


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